Goodwell entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Cardano Development as investment advisor of BIX Capital (‘BIX’).

BIX was initiated by Shell Foundation and Cardano Development aiming to increase access to high impact products and services (predominantly cookstoves, bio-digesters and water-purifiers) to the bottom of the pyramid, by providing impact-based pre-finance. BIX uses an innovative concept to monetize impact credits. It provides debt financing to SMEs in Africa and other potential areas such as India and South East Asia producing or distributing ‘high impact products’ for the lower income segment.

BIX loans are related to result-based finance and linked to the value of future income of impact credits generated by these products, which serve as security.

Goodwell is part of the management and investment team and has a seat in the Supervisory Board and Investment Committee; additionally GAS offers its services to develop health credits (Adalys) under the TA program.


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